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There is a place for you at First United Methodist Church of Sylvania
A Brief History of First United Methodist Church of Sylvania
We started in the year of 1834 in a sawmill owned by General White, who was one of the founders of what would become the city of Sylvania, Ohio. In 1842 we first started meeting in the first United Methodist house located on Summit Street. Then in 1863 our church on Main Street was built and we remained there until 1968 in which we broke ground for the site of our present site on Erie Street. In 1969 we finished Phase 1 of our church which included the fellowship hall (which would serve as a sancturary while the sancturary was still being built), classrooms, a chapel, lounge, kitchen, and the office. Later in 1977 we finished Phase 2 which was the completion of our sanctuary. In 2001 we took on a new remodeling and renovation program called the "Master Plan" in which we added a new choir room and remodeled the entrance hall, office, community room, and sanctuary. Lastly in 2003 one member of our church as an Eagle Scout project, redesigned one of our courtyards as a Memory Garden.
What does it mean to be a United Methodist?
We believe that you have the right to be a Christian witness by expressing one's faith to others. We also believe againist the cruel treatment of others and social justice. A goal of the Church is to make disicples of fellow believers of Jesus Christ. For more information you can look at the United Methodist Website

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